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Elysian Fields Farm was begun as a private not-for-profit farm sanctuary in 1999 to provide a home for up to six older horses at a time, who faced uncertain futures. Carriage livery service to the public was begun in 2007 as a way to earm additional funds for the retired horses' care. 

Any profit from our 
party ponies,  pony cart rides, and pony wagon rides and tours as well as horse & carriage livery service, after expenses are paid, is spent to keep the resident retired horses healthy and comfortable. wedding carriage rentals

There are currently three retired horses at the farm, but eventually all the ponies here will enjoy full retirement.  At all times, the comfort and health of the ponies/ horses are our first priority.

We support the concept that ponies and horses are working animals, and benefit when they are allowed to work within their capabilites as dictated by age, health and physical condition.

We started offering carriage rides to increase public awareness that older horses often have years of love and service to offer, and to help offset the rising costs of providing these special equines a home.

Right now we are able to offer Party Pony Rides, Pony Cart Rides and Wagon Rides for birthday parties or other special occasions as well as fairs and festivals.

In the photos throughout our website, our white vis-a-vis carriage is shown with Dixie, a black Percheron mare, Nellie, a white Percheron or Hercule, a Clydesdale. Dixie and Nellie have passed away.

The black doctor's buggy is pulled by Betty, a bay 3/4 Morgan mare, who is pony-size. Elysian Fields Farm currently provides a home for three older retired horses for life. Dixie retired fully in January, 2014 and died in March of 2015.

 All photos and text on this page are protected by copyright and cannot be reproduced in any form without written permission--Thank you.wedding carriage rentals

Participants at the 2011 Battle of Jackson Crossroads reenactment ride up to the battle site in style using Elysian Fields Farm's vis-a-vis carriage. Three soldiers, a small boy and their flag made for a full load. baton rouge wedding carriage

 Photo by Beth Dawson

Elysian Fields Farm Horse & Carriage has operated a carriage livery for the public at the Clinton Community Market Day held on the first Saturday of every month (and on the 3rd Saturday in November & December, weather and our schedule permitting) since October 2007. 
We really miss seeing all our friends at the market days and are hoping to return at the October 2015 Market Day with a pony wagon.

Close-up of Dixie at the 2011 reenactment of the Battle of Jackson Crossroads showing her traditional mane roll and standards wedding carriage rentals, tours, parades, special events carriage

 Photo by Beth Dawson

Betty rests in the shade during the Battle of Jackson Crossroads reenactment April 24, 2010. This annual event is held near Jackson, Louisiana. We are avilable to provide "living history" demonstrations and pony cart rides for historic sites and school programs. We are available during the week for school programs with at least two weeks notice.


Party ponies. party pony Pony rides, pony cart rides

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