Dixie struts her stuff up St. Helena Street During Clinton's annual Christmas Parade. Passengers in 2011 included Patricia Stallman (hidden behind the driver's box) editor of Feliciana Voices Today- the Felicianas on-line magazine, http://felicianavoicestoday.net, Georgette (pictured) and Donna (also hidden by the camera angle). Mrs. Hamilton B. Willis is the driver.   Photo by Bubby Jackson

After the 2012 Clinton Christmas Parade, Dixie and Mrs. Willis pose for a photo to commemorate the event. The photo was taken on Bank Street in historic Clinton, LA on the site of the historic Pipes House, now Charlet Funeral Home.  -Photo by Wendy Breland

Donna poses with Dixie, both in "parade dress," just before leaving for the parade staging site at Clinton Middle School. Dixie's mane was done in a Continental or diamond pane braid with about 21 little bows tied into it on each side of her neck. This is the braid pattern used for our Ultra Wedding package.

Dixie's mane is so thick, it can be parted in the middle and braided on both sides for a festive effect. She wore harness bells in keeping with the parade's theme of "Jingle Bells" this year    
Photo by Patricia Stallman

We will participate in Community Market Day when our schedule permits in 2015. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Dixie and Mrs. Willis, in traditional driver's attire, await passengers for evening carriage rides during Clinton's annual Christmas Tree Lighting and Merchants' Open House, Friday, December 2.    Photo by Bubby Jackson.

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