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Perhaps you are not in need of pony rides or  livery, or are not planning a cart or wagon tour of Clinton in the near future, but are interested in helping us care for the horses in retirement at Elysian Fields Farm or other horses in need. 

If you would like to support our effort to care for and provide a home for the aged horses at the farm and elsewhere, we welcome donations in kind of used equipment, blankets, and tack. We can also can always use good quality hay to be shared out to horses in need.  At present, however, we are not a federally recognized non-profit so donations are NOT tax deductible.


Shawn, a friend, posed with Dixie (May 1989 - March 2015) during a wedding show October 2010 at The Victorian of the Felicianas near St. Francisville.  Photo by Greg Cooper

In Memorium 

Rocketman- ?? -1999 - Severely starved grade  bay gelding left at local auction of undertermined age, but definitely "old." Rocket lived just for eight months at the farm. He had regained his normal weight and passed peacefully in the night. He loved apple wedges.

Faun - Feb. 1999 to March 1999- Young  paint foal left at auction barn. Approximately  2 months old.  Faun was ill with Strangles and never fully recovered her health in the  month we worked to help her regain her health.

Bay Girl- ??? - 2003 - Aged arthritic bay  grade mare found abandoned on private property in cow pasture. She enjoyed her final two years here at the farm in retirement. Bay liked carrots.

Max - ???- 2006
- Possible used up plow or carriage mule.  Lame from severe thrush infection. Bought at auction in 2000.  Max was treated and recovered. He was pasture sound and enjoyed his retirement until dying in his sleep. Vet estimated his age as being in late 20s. He loved pepermints.

Lakota Passion - 1990-2009. Peruvian Paso mare diagnosed with DSLD, a fatal condition for which there is presently no cure, just management strategies through the use of prescribed pain killers, herbs and supplements  as well as a managed diet. Lakota was a resident horse from May 5, 2002 until vet-recommended euthansia in August 2009. She was 19 and her condition was severe enough that she had extreme difficulty standing, walking or getting up without assistance after lying down. Research is underway to find a cause and a cure for DSLD.

Barney AKA Big Ben - ca. 1982 - 2010. Grade black Percheron gelding. Said to have been a carriage horse "all his life." He arrived here  because we bought the his carriage from a previous owner, and they no longer needed him. He was donated. Barney was underweight when he arrived, and did no work at all the year and eleven days he was with us. He had regained all his weight and was looking healthy again.  He was felled in his pasture by a stroke . He was euthanized by our vet, and is buried in the pasture he enjoyed so much while with us. He was aged by examining his teeth and his estimated age was 28 to 32. He had a quirky sense of humor and loved molasses flavored horse cookies.

LouLou- 1989- 2011- Registered black Percheron mare, aged 22. Lou died suddenly and unexpectedly of a probable heart attack, stroke or aneurysm. . LouLou was a little underweight upon her arrival, but  quickly regained her proper weight. When she first arrived, she did not know anything about taking treats offered by hand. She quickly learned. Fresh apple wedges were her favorites. She would also "steal" ripe figs from our tree during fig season.  She is greatly missed.

Directly- 1990-2014 - Registered Tennessee Walking Horse gelding aged 24. Directly was euthanized in Feb, on recommendation from the vet following her finding that he had suddenly developed a severe heart murmur and cardiac insufficency, and was having difficulties that seriously compromised his quality of life. He was a retired multi-titled flat shod show horse and riding therapy program horse. He enjoyed his last years fully retired at the farm.

Belle-  ca. 1981 - 2014 - Belle was a pony-sized blue sabino Tennessee Walking Horse whose owner of 15 years preceded her in death by several years. She enjoyed her golden years in retirement with her friends LouLou, Directly and Dixie. She was one of the smoothest walkers ever and a real presence. She entered full retirement in 2009. She is sadly missed. 

Merlyn -  1997 - 2015 - 18 year old black Tennesse Walking Horse. Half brother to Double Delight of Pride, European multi-champion and sire of champions.

Dixie -  1989 - 2015 - 25 year old black Percheron mare. Former prison hitch and show hitch mare. She also worked several eyars as a carriage horse and camp wagon horse. She was a very willing and intelliegnt mare and is sorely missed. Before full retirement, Dixie served as our first wedding carriage livery horse.

Nellie - 1999- 2014  - 15 year-old Percheron carriage horse. Our main carriage horse for most of 2013 - 2014. Poor Nellie did not live to enjoy full retirement like Dixie, but she received the best of care we could provide while with us.

 All photos on this page are protected by copyright and cannot be reproduced in any form without written permission--Thank you.


 In-kind donations of used blankets, halters, leads, buckets, hay and feed  are always welcome. Retired horses currently living at the farm are--

Ginger -  A 17-year-old Tennessee Walking Horse mare. Retired camp horse.

Jacques - An 11 year old Peruvian Paso diagnosed with Degenerative Suspensory LIgament Disease, as a result, he has been a pasture pet all of his life. This condition is incurable and eventually will be  fatal.

Nellie Rose - A 16 year old retired Percheron competitive pulling mare.

Barney was a black grade Percheron gelding. Here is a close up of Barney's face showing his white hairs, especially around his eye, that were a clue that he was much older than the 18 years his Coggins papers showed him to be. RIP dear old soul. Barney was on the far side of 30 when he was euthanized following a stroke, a year and a week after his arrival at the farm.

Merlyn, 1997 - 2015. Black Tennessee Walking Horse gelding.  He was a delightful Southern gentleman and a favorite of my daughter's. May he enjoy the endless pastures in paradise with his companions.

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