Dixie and carriage fitting right in at the LSU Rural Life Museum after providing transportation for the 2013 Queen of the Mystick Krewe of Louisianians to the reception held in her honor May 3, 2012. (above)

Nellie and carriage at Desert Plantation north of St. Francisville, LA, Sept. 15, 2013 during a Wedding Social held to introduce prospective clients to wedding professionals in the area. (below)

There is no better way to make a grand entrance for your wedding or other special event than to arrive in a traditional vis-a-vis carriage drawn by a powerful yet refined Percheron.

Above, our carriage and horse were a hit at the wedding show held at the Victorian of the Felicianas in )ctober 2010.

These horses are a breed of heavy horse developed in France and said to descend from the "Great Horse"  medieval knights rode. Dixie (below) awaited passengers at the monthly Community Market Day in 2012.



Directly (1990-2014), a Tennessee Walking horse shown enjoying his well-earned lush pasture. Directly spent most of his life as a flat-shod show horse before being sold to a riding therapy program in Arizona. When the program was discontinued, he traveled back to his birth state of Louisiana for retirement at Elysian Fields Farm. Directly was trained to drive and ride. Our pony livery helps us to raise funds needed to provide retired horses like him a last home for life.

 If the eye is he gateway to the soul, anyone looking into Dixie's soft brown eyes can see that she was a gentle soul. Despite her massive size, she was willing, calm and a joy to handle.

Belle, one of the retired horses at Elysian fields Farm, and Dixie waiting at the gate hoping for extra horse cookies in 2013. Belle was in her early 30s and was 14 hands. She passed away in May 2014. Dixie was 17. 2 hands, and passed away at age 25 in March 2015. Despite their difference in size, they were best friends, and often groomed each other. They are sorely missed.

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May 25, 2012- Bride and groom just after their making their "grand entrance" via carriage at their reception at The Lake House, in Baton Rouge.

 Here we were at The Lake House in Baton Rouge helping to make one bride's "fairytale wedding dream" come true in March 2013. We drove the bride around the lake to make her grand entrance at the wedding ceremony.  After the ceremony, we drove the bride and groom around the grounds to enjoy some time together before they greeted their guests at their reception.

Waiting for the bride and groom- Saturday, October 27, 2012 our footman Robin takes a turn in the box. Dixie and our carriage were decorated as the bride desired with white and green silk flower garlands for the carriage and white ribbons, bows and flowers for Dixie. (See additional photo below.)

Our horses eat a mixture of crimped oats and cracked corn with oil and alfalfa pellets, or soaked beet pulp with suppliments plus all the hay and grass they can eat. Each horse has a feed mixture especially formulated for their age and condition as well as amount of "work" they do or don't do. We are proud to feed Bowman's Ultra and Bowman's Hi-Fat 12%, local complete feeds fortified with minerals especially for horses in this area.


Dixie enjoyed time off in one of the farm's shady pastures. It's not "all work and no play" for her. She "worked" only a few hours a month. Dixie retired fully in January 2014. 



Spring and Autumn  great times to take a tour of historic Clinton and enjoy a day in the country. Email or call to set up your own perfect get-away.

Reserve our pony and cart for a tour of Clinton. (capacity: one adult)

Why not book a room at Wildflower Inn (Bank Street, Clinton), Milbank, (Bank Street, Jackson) or Centenary Inn (Main Street, Jackson) reserve our cart for a tour of Clinton, and enjoy a weekend in the country? St. Francisville Carriage Company, Clinton LA carriage company, Baton Rouge carriage Company


Elysian Fields Farm is not a horse rescue organization, we are a privately-funded not-for-profit retirement farm. Unfortunately, we are not equipped to deal with young, unhandled and untrained horses. We are not able to offer a home to stallions as we do not have staff or facilities to house and handle intact male horses.

If you believe a horse is in need of assistance because of abuse or neglect, please contact your local sheriff's department. There laws in every state that deal with true cases of neglect or abuse. These laws vary from state to state.

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